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Measuring Up to the TAKS
Every fifth grade student has their Measure Up Book. About two days a week students do a lesson or two in their book. Every lesson has a practice page, a page with math problems on it, and a TAKS page. On days when students don't work in their book they have a Saxon Math book lessons. When students walk in the door they grab a sheet that consists of 25 blank spaces. students work the problems out of their book and do them on the page. Sometimes on the next day students will grade there paper. Students have about 30-45 min. to complete there paper. About every Monday students have Partner Day. Partner Day is students can do their work in groups of two or three, or they can work by there self. Now we are getting a new math book because we are almost done. Only 2 groups get a new book because they are ahead. The book will be 6th grade level and will be harder. GT (gifted and talented) is doing a graph or chart about a question they made up for all of the grades. They asked each grade and took a poll and is putting the data on a circle, picture, or a bar graph. The graph will be on display at the GT Fair.                             

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