The Education Foundation Mission:

The Wall Education Foundation is organized exclusively for the purpose of enhancing the education experience for students and staff of Wall Independent School District! We want to support teachers and faculty so that in return they can support their students!

How Does The Education Foundation Serve Our School:

Through the generosity of local donors, The Wall Education Foundation distributes approximately $17,000 in scholarships each year. In addition, donations made to the foundation will be directly distributed to teachers through grants to create more educational opportunities for students. We are a booster club for teachers!

Mark your calendars, San Angelo Gives is coming Tuesday, May 7th. San Angelo Gives is currently the only fundraiser Wall Education Foundation does. Your gift during this day of giving will be used in the classrooms of Wall ISD. WEF is active and dedicated to enriching our classrooms by empowering our teachers and staff through our grant program. Your generous donations through San Angelo Gives will give LIFE to our mission.

Through these generous donations, we will award grants to teachers and staff across all 3 campuses at Wall ISD. We are the booster club for TEACHERS! Our hope is that our financial support will empower the educator to provide more opportunities and enrichment activities to their students!

San Angelo Gives - Day Of Giving