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If you plan to attend a 4 year university upon graduation, you should take one of these tests prior to your senior year. Many college application deadlines are in the fall of your senior year. Failure to test prior to your senior year limits your ability to retest and possibly apply to your desired university.

The ACT and the SAT are college admissions tests required by most colleges. Most college admissions committees will evaluate your application based on your best single-session score, so don't hesitate to send scores from multiple test days. For those of you who don't test well, you'll be glad to know that there are colleges that are test-optional ~ you may still need to take an SAT or ACT, but the score is not a critical piece of your application

WHS Code - 447 332

You can test at any available testing center, but most students prefer to test at Angelo State University (ASU Test Center Code 041640).

What's the difference between the tests?

Many students and parents wonder what the difference is between these tests and which test is best to take. Princeton Review details the differences to help you find which test is the best test for you.

Many students like to take both tests to get a feel for which test they prefer. Note, that is not necessary as most colleges take either test.


Fee waivers are available for students who receive Free or Reduced Lunch. See the counselor for a waiver.


Fee waivers are available for students who receive Free or Reduced Lunch. See the counselor for a waiver.

PSAT National Merit

The PSAT provides practice for the SAT and qualifies students with high enough scores for National Merit competitions. The PSAT will be administered in late October at Wall High School

While Wall High School invites both sophomores and juniors to register and pay for the PSAT, we strongly advise juniors to take this test. The cost of the test is currently $18. 

Scores typically arrive on campus in December. Your counselor will distribute scores.. For information on score interpretation, students should visit CollegeBoard and login to "My College QuickStart" using the individualized access code printed on their score sheet. Additional resources:

  • View a quick guide to your scores

  • View a detailed presentation on interpreting your scores and using online resources to make the most of the data on your score report.

National Merit Semifinalists are announced in September. Approximately 1.5 million students in about 22,000 high schools take the PSAT. Of those students, about 16,000 are named National Merit Semifinalists and about 34,000 earn Commended designation.  


The key to improving your scores on the ACT and SAT is practice, practice, practice. Below are free sites that allow you to practice for the tests.


  • Practice booklets are available outside the counselor's office. Stop by and pick on up.

  • ACT Practice provided by



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