Working with children is something that helps me feel truly successful in life. I believe that if we all work together to give our student's the best opportunities available to them, we can make them successful in school and beyond. I will be working with the students in the areas of academic counseling and personal counseling. These are some of the services I will be providing: 

Group counseling activities based in the classroom to teach about these positive character traits. I meet with each classroom 12 times per year. 

  • Kindness

  • Courage

  • Self-Control

  • Forgiveness

  • Confidence

  • Respect

  • Diligence

  • Loyalty

  • Honesty

  • Responsibility


  • Career Education

  • Academic counseling for students with concerns in the classroom.

  • Personal counseling for students needing someone to talk to about personal conflicts.

  • Benchmark and STAAR testing data

  • Child Find contact

  • Referral contact

These are just some of the things I will be doing with your children and some of the services I will provide this year. Please feel free to contact me at 651-7790 ext 3176 with any questions you may have.  Also you may email me at

Wall Elementary STAAR Testing Dates


April 6th, 2021-- Grade 4 Writing

May 11th, 2021--Grade 3-8 Math

May 12th, 2021--Grade 3-8 Reading

May 13th, 2021- Grade 5 Science

The Wall ISD Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP)



Wall I.S.D., in cooperation with Small School Cooperative and the Region XV Service Center, provides full educational opportunities to all children with disabilities ages birth through 21 years.

If you are aware of a child that you suspect of having a disability contact Jamie Glass, Elementary Counselor, at 651-7790 for information about a free evaluation.

Pennies for Patients

Our annual Pennies for Patients/Hero Squad campaign for the 2020-2021 school year will begin on January 17th and go for the next three weeks through February 5th.  Wall Elementary has participated in this campaign for over 10 years.  We have raised thousands of dollars to help patients that have Leukemia and Lymphoma!  We hope you will be a part of our campaign this school year!

Each student received a letter that explains the steps for each student to create their own personal donation page.   Once they create their page, we encourage them to ask the aunts, uncles, grandparents, and family friends to help support our mission in helping others. Our goal this year is $10,000.