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Starting September 1, 2023 all reduced priced students will receive free breakfast for the 2023-2024  and 2024-2025 school years. 

Meal Prices:


It is very important for parents on all campuses to know the following.  If students purchase seconds, milk, and or juice for breakfast or lunch, they must have money in their account.  Whether your student is free, reduced, or full pay, all students must have money In their accounts before they can purchase seconds, milk and or juice.  Students who do not have money in their accounts will not be allowed to purchase these items.  This does not apply to reimbursable meals.  Only applies to seconds, milk and or juice. 

Breakfast Prices – All Campuses K-12

Reduced Price -$ .30

Paid Price –$ 2.00

Lunch Prices :

Reduced Price - $ .40

Elementary - $ 3.50

Middle School –$ 3.75

High School –$ 3.75