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Scholarship Information
Scholarships are a great way to earn some of the funds needed for college.  Below are some steps to take in searching for scholarships.  

  • University Scholarships:  Look into scholarships specific to the university you have applied to.  Some even offer scholarships within a specific field of study.  Many of these scholarships are awarded after student is admitted to the university so be sure to get your applications submitted.  

  • Local Wall Scholarships:  Check the Local Scholarship tab for scholarship opportunities that will be opening in the Spring.  Check the list below and Mrs. Benson's google classroom often to ensure you don't miss out on a deadline. 

  • San Angelo Area Foundation:  This opportunity will open in January and deadline is March 1st.  

  • Scholarship America:  

  • Career One Stop: 

Here are a few scholarships that have come across our desks with submission deadlines for 2021 noted. Check qualification requirements before applying. Links to scholarships and attachments can also be found on Mrs. Benson's google classroom.

San Angelo Area Foundation Scholarship Due March 1st.

Catholic Life Insurance All American Scholarship Due March 1st

Golden Spread Elecric Coop Directors' Memorial Scholarship Due March 1st

Texas Farm Bureau Scholarship Due March 5th

Panhandle Plains Higher Ed Windmill Scholarship Priority deadline March 15th

Central Texas Farm Credit Scholarship Due March 19th

West Central Wireless Scholarship Due March 31st

Leadership San Angelo Alumni Association Due March 31st

Concho Valley Electric Coop Scholarship Due April 2nd

Texas Tech University External Scholarships Due dates vary

Pan American Golf Scholarship Due April 2nd

JC Landon Scholarship Due April 29th

Woody's Kids Scholarship West TX Rehab Center Due May 1st


Here are a few FREE Scholarship Search Engines to look for additional scholarship opportunities:

Earned a Scholarship
If you have been awarded a scholarship, Congratulations! Report the details to the counselor here .

FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid form
October 1, the FAFSA form opens up for seniors and their families to begin completing. Financial Aid money is awarded based on merit and/or need and is typically distributed quickly, so the sooner you submit your paperwork, the more likely you are to be awarded a good financial aid package. 

Additionally, many universities use your FAFSA information to determine if you qualify for the aid the university is distributing. January 15 is the priority deadline for many universities and is when the first round of awards are determined. Check with the universities are you are applying to in order to ensure you are not missing out on the priority deadline. 

In order to complete the FAFSA formstudents and parents will need to create a FSA ID.  Students and parents will need separate usernames, passwords, and email addresses.  

For more information about financial aid check the following sites: 


Need a Transcript?  
Return the WHS Transcript Request to the inbox in the counseling office.  If you need an electronic copy sent, leave the Type of Transcript Needed boxes blank in the first section as those are for copies you need to pick up in person.

Due to FERPA regulations, the counselor cannot request a college transcript on your behalf. Students are responsible for requesting transcripts from Angelo Statue University and/or Howard College. 

Howard College Transcript Request 

Angelo State Transcript Request 

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